23 May 2012

Book Review: We'll Always Have Summer

We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han
Series: Summer # 3
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Description: It's been two years since Conrad told Belly to go with Jeremiah. She and Jeremiah have been inseparable ever since, even attending the same college-- only, their relationship hasn't exactly been the happily ever after Belly had hoped it would be. And when Jeremiah makes the worst mistake a boy can make, Belly is forced to question what she thought was true love. Does she really have a future with Jeremiah? Has she ever gotten over Conrad? It's time for Belly to decide, once and for all, who has her heart forever.

Review: When I saw this in my library, I was pretty excited because I would be able to finish this series and see who Belly will choose. I turned the book over and choked on my Fruitylicious gum when I saw the word 'wedding'. This was so unexpected. I had to read it. Because in the last book, her and Jeremiah just kissed and now they were getting married?! Even for a YA book, that was fast.

After some reading and getting over the inital shock of the wedding, I realized they'd been in college for a year before the wedding. Belly, Jeremiah, and Taylor all wind up going to the same college. I really liked reading about their college experiences. I'll be attending college in the fall, and I'm in the 'freaked-out' phase. Ya know, the I'm going to be living on my own when I've been under my parents shell for the past 17 years oh god what if I get mugged phase. But Belly's college experience was nice and peachy keen because she had awesome friends like Taylor and Anika and her super-cool boyfriend, Jeremiah. Except sometimes Jeremiah was a douche and there was that one time he cheated on her and he got high and drunk a lot and just chilled with his fraternity brothers.

Taylor grew on me. I was the one preaching left and right about how annoying Taylor was as a best friend, but she really shined this book. She was the perfect friend to Belly, and I liked how she confronted Conrad about his revelation, and how she was 100% behind Belly. I also liked how she was there for Belly when Laurel wasn't. Laurel was not a-okay about the wedding, as any mother should be regarding her 18 year old daughter's wedding, and Taylor stepped up to the plate and took over. That was very kind of her, and the scene where they went dress shopping made me tear because Belly wasn't with her mother, but Taylor made her feel comfortable.

75% of the book revolved around the wedding, how the characters reacted to the wedding, and Conrad professing his love for Belly. The remaining 25% of the book was about Belly being whisked from character to character. I feel like the only actual choice she made was the big finale, but otherwise she was just being pushed around from scene to scene. The only scenes that stood out to me where the ones where she confronted Conrad. Those were full of real emotion, real feelings, and those are the ones that will stick in my mind when I think of We'll Always Have Summer.

I have no clue why Jeremiah and Belly had to get married. Really, the only reason I could think of is because he felt guilty about sleeping with someone else. Why couldn't they wait? She is a 18 year old girl. He was, I think 19? C'mon guys! I rooted for you in the last book, but now that you're just making childish decisions and running around like characters out of Secret Life of the American Teenager, I'm doubting my love for yous. Also, I thought it was really funny how, when Belly mentioned the wedding to anyone, they would glance at her stomach. Humor.

Laurel is my favorite character. Last book, she was in a haze because of Susannah's death, but now, she's strong. She's back on her feet. She had every right to be stubborn and not be there for Belly, but again, you're dealing with an 18 year old girl who's in love. She's gonna be twice as stubborn as you are. So, it's going to wind up bad. I loved her relationship with Conrad, how they have phone conversations and go out for coffee every once in a while. I think that she knows Conrad better than he knows himself, and he needs to be picked up sometimes.

Like the last book, this one was not very memorable. I only remember the ending, because it was beautiful and cute and filled me with warmth. I didn't cry once, but I do want to plan a wedding now.

Overall, We'll Always Have Summer finishes the tale of Belly Conklin, leaving her happy (hopefully) with a Fisher boy, and a lovely summer house.


  1. "I'm going to be living on my own when I've been under my parents shell for the past 17 years oh god what if I get mugged phase"

    hahahaha!!! :) i felt the same way! no worries, if I made it through without being mugged, you will too! ;) (such comforting words, eh?!)

    I love your review. You hit every main point on the dot. The only thing that I wasn't feeling was the way Ms. Han MADE us hate Jeremiah.... Well, she didn't make us do anything, but I felt manipulated to the point where every chapter I'd read, the more Id hate Jeremiah... and that sucked bc I loved him in book 2. Alas, great review! :)

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