24 September 2010

Contact Me Post

E-Mail: booksfromashelf@yahoo.com
I use that for everything associated with the site, so any problems, suggestions, advice, feel free to contact me there !

Other Place I am:
Random Buzzers: LaurenNicole Random Buzzers is run by Random House Publishers. It's a place where you can win "Bucks" that can be won answering questions, doing quizzes, and posting reviews that can be put toward Books. Be sure to add me if you have one :)

Pulse-It: Laaurenxo  Pulse-It is run by Simon and Schuster Publishing.  It's a place where you can read books online-for free. No catch! The bad thing: It's kind of a bore just staring at a white screen reading a book, no matter how awesome it is. Good books they have had: White Cat, The Deathday Letter, She's So Dead toUs, and right now they have up Amy and Roger's Epic Adventure, One Night That Changes Everything, Clockwork freaking Angel, and Losing Faith. You have about 50 days to read each book, and each month they have 2 new ones!!
-I reaally don't use this site as much, only for the free books to be honest:) But if you wanna add me, go ahead:D

Goodreads:Lauren Nicole erm. Since Goodreads is like blogger heaven,  I decided to just make one, so it'd be easier to keep my book covers and stuff.

Twitter: @booksfromashelf

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