11 October 2010

Review of Vanished by Kate Brian

Vanished (Private #12) by Kate Brian
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Quote: "Were they watching me right now like they seemed to be at every other moment? Could they somehow see me breaking down? Were they out somewhere, just laughing t me? Laughing at what I'd become at their hands?"
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Description: Against all odds, Reed Brennan re-established Billings as an underground literary society. She and the new initiates created a glamorous secret headquarters and were ready to show Easton Academy that even though Billings House is gona, the Billings girls are stronger than ever. But before Reed had a chance to revel in her success, something horrible happened: Noelle Disappeared. Now Reed has no idea who wants to hurt Noelle or why, but it's up to Reed to save her. As the clues build up, the clock ticks down, and Reed fears that unless she finds Noelle soon, she'll lose her friend forever....

Review: Sooooo. The second-to-last Private book. In Vanished, our main character Reed Brennan is scared, miserable, failing tests, and being a pawn in someone's game. Sound familiar? Yeah, cause it happened in like 2 or 3 of the other books. 

Alright, you gotta give Reed some credit. It's not her fault they keep accepting psychos into Easton! According to her, all she wanted was to go to Easton, meet a cute, Harvardish guy, and play soccer, and look like a catalogue model. But I guess reality hit her in the face.

So, last book : Noelle got kidnapped at a Billings Literary Society meeting, run by Reed. The BLS was a thing the former members of Billings did, and not former like 2 years ago. Former like, 50 years ago. And then Reed gets a text saying they have Noelle and to do whatever they say or she dies. OH JOY.

The entire book Reed is running around, under the kidnappers commands, of course. Unlike last time, when Reed was alone and nobody would listen to her that there was a murderer on campus, she has her boyfriend, Josh Hollis there. He knows about the texts and the truth and Noelle. He is one of Reeds allies, until one of the tasks. 

And like in all the other Pirvate books, or any mystery novel out there, you are pointed in the absolute wrong direction. Reed and I were pointing fingers at Ivy. For example, when Reed would get a text, and freak out, Kate Brian would write that Ivy was heard laughing one door down. What would you think ?!? You would no think, however, what kind of crap Kate Brian pulled.

The ending? The ending drove me bananas. I hate when authors do that. They just whip a curveball right at ya when you think the whole shebang is done ! After the kidnapper story came to a close, Kate Brian was like lol jk (in author speak obviously) and put that crap on my plate. But I guess it all came together at the end when they introduced The Book of Spells, which is the prequel coming out in December. I liked that part :) Also, they give a preview of the first chapter of BOS, so that's a plus !

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