12 July 2012

Short Hiatus.

As you've probably seen, i've neglected my little blog.
I've been in a reading funk.
I see all these books I have to read and I get so stressed about it, so I curl up in a ball on my floor and cry.*
I've started so many in the past month and a half, and I feel so guilty about not finishing any of them.
I fear checking my e-mail, everything has piled up.
So please, give me a month or two to catch up.
I'll be back around the end of September.
I'll be living on my own then, and I'll have more time for reading and posting.
To all the authors I've received books from and have not posted a review, please do not fret. I remember I'm halfway done with the ebooks I started.
Again, I'm very sorry.
Don't give up on me yet.
-Lauren Fiore
Books from a Shelf.

*Not really, but my panic attacks have come back.

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