09 November 2011

News: Backlit:Fiction Forward (BFF) Releases Today!

TODAY Backlit Fiction is releasing three of their new series, The Start-Up (which I reviewed), The Dig: Zoe and Zeus, and Borrowing Abby Grace. I'm not gonna post the entire press release, mainly because I'm not sure I'm allowed to do that), but here are some quotes from it:

Backlit is reinventing publishing by shortening the path from writer to reader, said Jack Giarraputo.
Working closely with some of Hollywood's best creative minds, Backlit is committed to telling stories that will be loved as books, television shows and movies.
Episodic ebook content will be previewed via Facebook and Twitter, which allows Backlit to engage teens who routinely find their entertainment online. In addition, immediate audience feedback, interactivity and spin-offs take on a whole new value when stories are created and released quickly. Focused on Millennial readers with episodic attention spans, Backlit books will be released exclusively in digital every few weeks, yet offer more narrative depth than typical Amazon Kindle Singles can provide.
This pairing of creation and distribution is tailored to the surprisingly text-friendly teen demographic; 15-24 year olds spend on average 50 minutes a day reading. This is nearly double the 32 minutes spent reading by 25-64 year olds, according to Nielsen. 
Appealing to Millennials who consume in 140 character bursts, Backlit Fiction will address young reluctant readers who are increasingly turning to mobile devices for their entertainment needs. Backlit is committed to innovating methods of storytelling in order to attract and convert new readers to the world of books.
 And some things that I thought were interesting...
Backlit: Fiction Forward (BFF) will become a quick, ready and trusted companion to the young adult audience. On a unique promotional basis, devoted readers can also win ³character walk-on² opportunities in upcoming episodes.
Backlit is also launching the Backlit Mentors Program (www.backlitmentors.com), whereby the publisher will mentor, crowdsource and commission new YA authors to write episodes based on their series story lines.

Backlit Fiction is definitely a publisher that I would keep my eye on. I absolutely loved The Start-Up, and am so glad that there are more books to read by this agency.

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