09 May 2011

Character Interview: Rylie from Six Moon Summer

I had the great honor of not only interviewing S.M Reine, but also her main character from her new novel, Six Moon Summer. Take a look!

1. Hey Rylie! Thanks for taking the time to do an interview.Yeah, no problem.  I wasn't doing anything else anyway.

2. How'd you spend your time before camp?
I like going to coffee shops and concerts
 by little local bands.  The mainstream scene isn't for me. 
 I'm really into art, too.  Like Rodan and stuff.

3. If you could have chose your own plans, what would be your perfect summer?There was so much I had planned. I was going to hang out with
 my guy friends, and there's an awesome art exhibit opening 
soon I wanted to see, but then this happened. You know how 
parents can be. They don't get it.

4. What was the scariest thing about your camp experience?
I bet you'd think it would be everything with the werewolf, huh?  It's not. 
 Try sharing a cabin with four other teenage girls who hate your guts and 
you'll see what "scary" really is.

5. You seem to write a lot in your journal. Letting out steam, or do you write daily entries? 
I don't know.  I guess I'm letting out steam.  I write whenever I feel like it, so sometimes I go a few weeks between writing a journal entry.  I've had a lot to say this summer, though.  I finished off a whole diary while I was at camp.

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