17 May 2011

Book Review: Six Moon Summer

Six Moon Summer by SM Reine
Series: Seasons of the Moon #1
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Rylie's been bitten
She's changing.
And now she has three months to find a cure before becoming a werewolf... forever.

Rylie's parents force her to attend summer camp, but she's just as miserable at the girls' camp as she was at home-- there's nothing vegetarian for her to eat at the mess hall, she hates hiking and archery, and the other campers taunt Rylie mercilessly. One night, the bullying goes too far, and Rylie runs away. She doesn't get far. It's a full moon, and she isn't alone in the forest...

She wakes up unharmed in her cabin the next morning with no memory of what happened. The only sign something has changed are the healed scars on her chest, her increasingly keen senses, and her sudden craving for raw, bloody meat.

A boy from the other camp seems to know what's happening to her, but Rylie isn't sure if she can trust herself with Seth. He's way too cute and he knows way too much.

Rylie soon learns that she only has until the end of summer before she becomes just like the monster that attacked her: a man-eating werewolf hungry for human flesh. Unless she can find a cure, she's going to transforming at the end of the summer and lose her life to the hunger.

Review: I'm not a big fan of werewolves. Even while reading Twilight, I really disliked Jacob. One might think that a young girl should prefer these big, hulking masses of men. They can protect the heroine, and well, they're muscles are HUGE! And the only book I've ever read with a female werewolf, Nightshade, I couldn't get into. But with Six Moon Summer, I jumped right into it. I really enjoyed reading about Rylie's transformation into becoming this monster.

Six Moon Summer tells the story of Rylie, who is sent to camp to avoid her parent's messy divorce. Obviously, she's the odd girl out, and the other girls are complete bitches to her. They give her dirty looks without even knowing her first name. And she's a vegetarian, which makes her an even bigger outsider.

So one night when walking, she looses her way, and winds up in the neighboring dark,mysterious forest. This forest is in between the boys and girls camps. The next morning after her rendezvous, she wakes up with scratch marks and tears in her clothes. She writes about her experience in her journal. (She writes in her journal a lot, which I though was a pretty cool insight to what she's going through) She meets a boy, Seth, who weirdly understands what's she going through. But it's not the usual, 'I'm a werewolf too, I can help you' scenario; No, it's much more complicated than that. I'll let you figure it out yourself :)

I really enjoyed reading this book. The pacing was really good, and there was no awkward introductions; I felt SM Reine nicely introduced Rylie and her personality. I couldn't put this book down when everything started unravelling; the camp, the boy, the counselor.

The thing that I felt made this book stand out from others is Reine's description of Rylie when she turns into the wolf. It was scary. Like, one second she'd be going over with Seth the plans, and then BOOM she becomes the wolf and she's bloodthirsty. Her priorities completely changed once she grew a snout! It was so quick. It makes you understand how they think. 

The only complaint I had about Six Moon Summer was, and please excuse my teen talk, was how chill Rylie was with becoming a werewolf! When she found out, she was just like, Okay gotta read books about the legends of the camp now. Wow I'm hungry for meat now. Strange. If that were me, I would be crying for about 3 chapters, freaking out for 2, and then just moody for the rest of the book.  But she was just, okay with it. It just felt unnatural. 

I thought the ending was really good. I liked the eerie sense it left the reader with after the battle scene. I really like when books do that: it's what the character has been preparing for the entire book, whether a fight or a transformation, and then bang end of book. It leave you like, uhhh. In a good way though. And usually you're heart is racing!

I just have to ask, because it was bothering me: Why do authors always use poor, defenseless deer when their main characters change for the first time? IT'S ALWAYS THE DEER!! And the deer always looks at the main character with it's sad, deery eye. I always cry when the deer dies. Or any animal. I am a sucker when animals die in the movies. When the main character dies? Eh. When the dog dies? Niagra Falls.

Overall, I suggest Six Moon Summer to lovers of werewolves, a little bit of romance, and definitely some action. 

"The moon called to her, drawing the beast out. She tried to focus on staying human as long as she could. She visualized her human fingers and toes, her face, her blonde hair. But there was no fighting it. The curse was too powerful."
- Six Moon Summer; SM Reine

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