21 May 2011

Author Interview: SM Reine, author of Six Moon Summer

Earlier this week, I reviewed S.M Reine's new book, Six Moon Summer.
You can find the review here.
I also got the opportunity to interview her.
Without further ado, here is S.M. Reine.

1. Hi Sara! How are you today?
I'm doing great! I'm editing a novella I have coming out in the summer and pulling my hair out over the sequel to Six Moon Summer, so I've got a lot on my plate. But I like to stay busy. :)
2. Whats your favorite unappreciated book?
"Camille" by Tess Oliver. 
Like most indie books, it's gotten little attention,
but it's so good. It's like Victorian-era Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

3.On your blog, you say you're guilty of judging books by their covers.
What do you think is the most original, fitting cover for a book?
Gosh, I couldn't pick. There are so many amazing covers.
I have to say the covers for the Twilight series are really incredible strokes of genius. They're iconic. Graphic designers and publishers
everywhere are struggling to catch up with that, and you'll see
manysuccessful books have cribbed on that simple design.

4.Do you think it's harder or easier to write a series?
It's a lot harder to write a series than a standalone book.
I originally wrote Six Moon Summer without

5.Six Moon Summer takes place at camp, during summer. 
Do you have any bad camp/summer stories?
I do, but they're so embarrassing! And not scary at all. When I was young, I went to Girl Scout camp. We got to go swimming one day, but I couldn't swim (and still can't) so I refused to take the test. They made me wear a life vest and stand in the shallow end of the pool while everyone else splashed about and had fun. I wasn't even allowed to go in the deep end with my life vest. Oh God, I'm getting all red just thinking about it. What's sad is that it isn't the most embarrassing story from camp! But I'll keep those to myself.

6. What was your favorite book as a kid?
Peter Pan. It's such an amazing story, and very dark.
It doesn't pull any punches about death and growing old

7. What do you think is the first impression most people get when they meet you?
I think most people are surprised, since I'm a young-ish woman in a field populated mostly by middle-aged men. I'm a total computer geek. I've worked in an office with few other women for about five years now.

8. Alright, here's the biggie: Wolves or vampires?
Neither! How can I say that when I wrote a book about werewolves? I really just don't find monsters appealing in the way so many people do.

To learn more about S.M Reine:
Email: smreine[at]gmail{dot}com
Author's Website

To learn more about Six Moon Summer:

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