25 April 2011

Review: High School Heroes

High School Heroes by James Mascia
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Description: What if you were a teenager and discovered you had the ability to read minds? What would you do 
with that power? Those are two questions Christine Carpenter would like answered as she begins her 
sophomore year at Thomas Jefferson High School. She soon discovers she is not the only student 
Everett. They become friends, but their relationship is strained as they learn to cope with their powers 
while trying to keep them a secret from the world.

Christine’s questions are answered when a monster, lurking in the depths of her school, threatens to 
murder the student population. When it becomes apparent the monster is someone she knows, she 
must decide whether to try and save him, or, if he must be destroyed, what might the consequences 

Review: I was thought being psychic would be the greatest thing when I was younger.(Now, I think, Who gives a crap what they think?) Who wouldn't want to steal answers from people, read their crush's mind, and generally just get into people's heads? But eventually, all those thoughts will be annoying, and give a person a major headache. This is what happens to Christine Carpenter her first day of sophomore year.

You'd think with enough on her plate, the mind-reading thing would push a girl over the edge. She has to deal with a pregnant mother, annoying classes, the weirdness of her friends, and the fact that her crush, football star Ethan Everett, won't talk to her. But suprisingly, she keeps her cool. She learns to push it out, and focus on more important matters. I would have wanted to harm those around me if I had that gift.

But does great power come with responsibility? When Christine finds out that Ethan and other classmates also have special abilities, Ethan suggests they become crime fighters. Psh! That's only in comic books! There aren't real superheroes. And I was glad that Christine wasn't one of those people who felt she had to save the whole human race, because that would have been annoying. Like said before, she handled it really well. 

Christine got really power-obsessed in the book. I guess that's what happens when you get all this power, and you can move objects and people's mind are your silly putty, but wow that girl. Did you ever watch on TV, I think it was on the E! channel or something, when the lottery winners, they like killed all that money in like, a month? That's what happened to Christine. She started out this normal, average girl and this power changed her. In the end, I think it changed her for the better, since she did some pretty messed up things.

The characters in High School Heroes were really unique. You had Christine, who just wanted to use her powers for good; Ethan, who wanted to be a modern-day Flash; Peter, the social outcast with hot hands; and Savannah, who was too cool for all the powers. (I find myself liking the bitchy, snotty characters lately...)  

If I had to describe High School Heroes, I would say it was a blend between The Breakfast Club and Young Justice. Obviously The Breakfast Club is when the kids from different backgrounds/social circles came together because they all had detention, and Young Justice is this new show on Cartoon Network that shows superheroes as teenagers, which I think is awesome! Yeah, that's what it felt like, and in a good way. I enjoy both those sources of entertainment equally, and to have a two-in-one deal made it even better!  Mascia (who I'll be interviewing later this week), is a big fan of X-Men and DC comics, so it was really cool to see comic book references in the novel, like the Comic-Con and the Batman movie.

Something I really enjoyed about High School Heroes was the backstory! It was really good. You'll just have to read it, but it went back all the way to World War II. I'm sorry, but I really enjoy backstories, I feel, if the book calls for it, they make the book better.

I finished High School Heroes in one night. No lie. Mr. Mascia sent it to me around 5ish last night, and I just finished it now, at 9:30. It was that good. And it was a quick read. The words all flowed together,and it was easy to understand. 

Overall,  High School Heroes  is a fun book, filled with action, superpowers, and the fight to end all evil!

"There was something to fear from someone who could read and manipulate your every thought."
- High School Heroes, James Mascia

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