10 February 2011


I guess my teachers think that my after school activities consist of smoking weed behind the school, and playing video games. Because their goal must have been to keep me in the house this week, because I have had absolutely 0 time for myself. And that means reading. I read a chapter of Dash & Lily, and I started City of Ash on Sunday, so I'm dying to pick that up. And on top of THAT, I have to do sweet 16 stuff. My party is the 26th, so now I have to write candles and do the finishing touches with my mom.

Oh, and did I mention that my school day now starts at 7:11? Because I wanted to get college credits now, they gave me morning Sociology classes. Go me.

Review for Dorris Bridge up tomorrow. Definitely.



  1. Poor you! So sorry:( Good luck getting through it all!

  2. Can't wait to read your review for Dorris Bridge! I loved it, and I'm interested in hearing what others think.

  3. Haha, high school is definitely out to kill... Good luck with the work, and hope you have an awesome bday party! :D