26 January 2011

Alice Marvels

So, I'm sure most you guys have Facebook. You know when you get those ad's on the side, and you just shrug them off, because they'll probably give your computer a virus? Well, I kept seeing the ad for Alice Marvels, and it was promoting YA fiction, and it mentioned the Hunger Games movie, so I clicked on it. And I signed up for the daily e-mails. Lemme just list 6 great things about this website:

  1. The set-up of her e-mails are so awesome. They're simple, and neat, and I don't need to search for anything, which I love
  2. She links to most giveaways, and she has some of her own
  3. She posts interviews/videos/trailers of upcoming books, casting for movies, etc.
  4. She has Top 5 Lists, which range from Top Heroines to Top 2011 Reads
  5. You get an e-mail every single day with new stuff
  6. She has polls for the casting of movie-turned-books such as The Hunger Games and Vampire Academy (I'm making a separate post with my picks)
So, yeah, this website pretty much has it all. And no, they're not paying me for this :)
*The banner is from the site, I don't own it...

1 comment:

  1. It looks so cool! I think I'll join!
    Hm...it asks for the e-mail of the person who referred you?