29 August 2010

Review of Sweet Deceit

Sweet Deceit by Kate Brian
(Privilege # 4)
Page Count: 224
Official Website:Here
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Quote: "Ariana heard a loud sniffle to her left. Kaitlynn Nottingham was weeping, holding her trembling fingers over her lips as if to keep from sobbing out loud. Ariana's free hand curled into a fist, and in her mind's eye, she saw herself punching Kaitlynn in the face. Imagined the satisfying crack of her nose and the thud as the girl hit the ground."
Description: Ariana Osgood has been tapped for Atherton-Price Hall's most exclusive secret society. But so has her arch-nemesis. When the competition turns deadly, only one girl will walk away from it alive. . . .
Sweet Deceit picks up where Perfect Mistake left off: Brigit has been thrown off the stairs by Kaitlynn. I thought she only broke a leg or something, but she died. So, all the girls at the Atherton-Pryce school and their classmates are at Brigit's funeral. There, Brigit's roomate, Soomie, decides to not cancel the Halloween party, since it was Brigit's favorite holiday.

Also in Perfect Mistake, five girls, including Brigit, Ana (aka Ariana), and Lillian(aka Kaitlynn) are "tapped" to join a secret society, Stone and Grave, on campus. They have to perform like tasks and stuff to get in, but only four will eventually get in. Spoiler: Kaitlynn kills Brigit to get in, so that she is a shoe-in for the society. (Well, this happened in Perfect Mistake, so technically it's not a spoiler)

But this review is about Sweet Deceit. And I'll just say now, it's full of spoilers. Because I can't think of a way not to do this without it. My Review would look like this:

-Kate Brian just continues on with her series of Murder, lies and drama. THE END.

So, on with the spoiler-y review. Ariana starts befriending Kaitlynn, since they're roomates and they have to put on a good show. I seriously didn't know what Ariana was up to, but it's revealed later. They help each other in the tasks for the society, and Ariana lets Kaitlynn hang out with the gang. Bur Lexa, the leader of Stone and Grave and alphadog of the group, starts to question Kaitlynn since she didn't provide a background during a Stone and Grave task.

Ariana continues on with her secret romance with Palmer, Lexa's recent ex-boyfriend. Palmer wants to go public, but Ariana knows that she has to suck up to Lexa to be in Stone and Grave. What Ariana doesn't know that Lexa actually knows about their relationship, and so, for one of Ariana's tasks, she has to catch Palmer in a "comprimising position." So, Ariana just takes a picture of herself and Palmer making out, without Palmer's knowledge, and without Ariana's face in it. (it's like her back, but you see her face. I explained that horribly :X)

Later, Lexa informs Ariana that she is hiring a Private Investigator to find out about Kaitlynn. That's bad news for Ariana, because if a PI gets info on Kaitlynn, not long before he finds out about Ariana also. Lexa says she will meet with the PI an hour before the party. Ariana uses this to her advantage. Palmer gives Ariana an ultimatum: either they have a joint Halloween costume( Frankenstien and his bride, how romantic) or they just call it quits.

At the party, Ariana arrives as Mrs. Frankenstien, much to Palmer's enjoyment, and they share a very public kiss. Lexa texts Ariana to tell her that she's going to meet the PI, and Ariana sets her plan in motion. She runs up to Kaitlynn and tells her that Lexa hired a PI and she'll expose both of them. Kaitlynn tells Ariana that she'll "take care of it" and runs off. Ariana then takes a cab to Lexa's house, but she calls the PI first and cancels on him.

When she arrives at Lexa's house, she sees Kaitlynn attacking Lexa. (Her version of taking care of it) and in rushes Ariana, to Lexa's aide. She smashes a vase over Kaitlynn's head, killing her, and "saves" Lexa, who thanks her and gives her a shoe-in to Stone and Grave for saving her life. They then bury her in Lexa's garden. Then Ariana makes Lexa promise to never tell anybody and they go to a bar.

Soon after Lexa leaves, Kiran,a friend from Ariana's past life, comes in and recognizes her. Since Ariana is supposed to be dead, she gets all excited and called Noelle. But as soon as Kiran makes the call, Ariana pushes her off a dock, killing her also.

This is probably my favorite book of the series, for obvious reasons. I have a soft spot for Ariana in my heart, and I love her relationship with Palmer and the girls. I think she could have been friends with Kaitlynn, but I guess Ariana thought otherwise and had to kill her and bury her in the garden. Like really, in a GARDEN? But overall, like I said above, favorite book in the series. According to Wikipedia, Pure Sin, the fifth book, is due for October 5, 2010. But you can't be certain, cause after all, it IS Wikipedia :D

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2)Beautiful Disaster
3)Perfect Mistake
4)Sweet Deceit

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