18 July 2010

Some Girls Are

Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers
Page Count: 246
Quote: "I think..." he trails off. "I think some girls are just... fucked up."
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Description:"Climbing to the top of the social ladder is hard-falling from it is even harder. Regina Afton used to be a member of the Fearsome Fivesome,an all-girl clique both feared and revered by the students at Hallowell High.. until vicious rumors about her and her best friend's boyfriend start going around.

Now Regina's been"frozen out" and her ex-best friends are out for revenge. If Regina was guilty, that would be one thing, but the rumors are far from the terrifying truth and the bullying is getting more intense.She takes solace in the company of Michael Hayden, a misfit with a tragic past whom she herself used to bully. Friendship doesn't come easily for these onetime enemies, and as Regina works hard to make amends for her past, she realizes could be more than just a friend...if threats from the Fearsome Foursome
don't break them both first."

Review: Courtney Summers hits the nail right on the head describing high school girls and their excessive drama. The book starts out with Regina, who is the designated driver, and all her friends at a party. When Regina goes to find Anna, the queen bee and her best friend, Anna's boyfriend, Donnie, rapes her. With nowhere to go, Regina tells Kara, a girl in their clique but cannot trust, everything. The next day at school, everyone thinks Regina and Donnie had sex, and Regina is exiled from the Fearsome Fivesome. Kara is now Anna's best friend, and their main goal is torturing Regina and her life a nightmare. They trip her down stairs, jump her, and even go as far as setting up a YourSpace hate page for her.
There were times in the novel when I felt for Regina, like when she tries to make amends with Michael, who was also tortured by Anna and co. But after everything Kara and Anna do to her, when she gets a note saying that they want to apologize, she gets excited and runs to where they want to meet. (Even I knew that they were going to do something to her.) I feel like the ending was too simple, but overall it was a good story, and I recommend it to readers who like drama filled books.

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  1. Welcome to the blogging community! :)

    This is the first review I've read for Some Girls Are, although I've seen the cover before. And while it sounds interesting, I'm not sure it's my type of book. I'm looking forward to your review of Ash (I love retellings!)