29 April 2011

I caved.

I made a twitter.
For the blog, I mean.
I've had a personal one for about a year now, and I just never made one for the blog.
I keep saying 'the blog' like it's an annoying child, like 'the kid'
But yeah, I basically made the twitter for the blog because I want extra points in giveaways.
There, I said it. 
What else do I tweet, though?
Like links to my blog posts?
That's pretty much whoring myself out, no?
Eh. I'll just use it to get extra points, and write semi-witty comments about the books i'm reading.
If you want the twitter, for the blog:

And I even have a button, so it's official :D

1 comment:

  1. *claps* (Is that what you say to someone who caves?) Either way, enjoy! I would leap to follow if, you know, I had a Twitter, but I'll just be silently supporting. :)