17 December 2010

Blog Tour: Priscilla the Great by Sybil Nelson

Debut author, Sybil Nelson, has asked me to promote her new book, Priscilla the Great, by giving us readers a little insight into the mind of Priscilla Summers. Published by WorldMaker Media, Priscilla has gladly reviewed her own book, Priscilla the Great....


Priscilla the Great by Sybil Nelson
Mrs. Talendy's 7th grade English class

You might think this is cheating Mrs. Talendy since this book is about me, but it's not. I re-read the assignment sheet this morning when I woke up and remembered we had a book report due today and it only said to review a book. It didn't get all specific and stuff. So, yeah, I'm reviewing Priscilla the Great. Even though I'm Priscilla. Hey, at least this makes more sense than that time in third grade when Mrs. Rodelwalt challenged us to start our own charity and I held a fundraiser to buy Rogaine for bald eagles.

Okay, so Priscilla the Great is a book by Sybil Nelson about this super cool chick with a hot streak (That's me, Priscilla). Anyway, at the beginning of this story, my one goal in life is to be Mrs. Spencer Callahan. You know him Mrs. Talendy. He's the cutie who sits two rows in front of my with shaggy hair and a different vintage Van Halen shirt every day. Anyway, so at Cali Crawford's back to school party, Spencer Callahan is actually talking to me and I think my dreams are about to come true, right? Wrong. Suddenly I start having a hot flash. Yes, a hot flash. I know what you're thinking. I'm too young for menopause. That's what I thought too. But this was sooo beyond menopause. I went and hid in the bathroom and started accidentally setting things on fire. Yes, fire !

Not only can I set things on fire, but over the next few days I learned a bunch of other...abilities that I suddenly have. With the help of Tai, we figure out the big huge family secret that explains everything. But then, my family gets kidnapped. All of them! Now normally, I wouldn't mind someone taking my bratty baby twin brothers away for a while. I mean I remember once calling the adoption agency and trying to give them away myself, but this was different. Psycho, evil villains had taken my family and it was up to me to save them.

Well, since I'm not sitting here writing this book report, you gotta know that things turned out okay. But this report was supposed to be about the book, not about me. So let me just say that the book is awesome. It's funny, it's sweet, and it's got tons of action. It you haven't read this book, Mrs. Talendy, you gotta give it a try.

And, my dad is reading this over my should right now and he wants me to add that this book is totally fiction... or is it?

Priscilla also says that you can visit here or here to read more about her book. Do it, or she'll burn ya :D

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