29 August 2010

Review of Deadly Little Secret

Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz
(Touch Series #1)
Page Count: 252
Official Website: Here
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Quote: Erm. Like an idiot, I returned the book before this review, so I kinda don't have a quote :/
Review: I kinda have a funny story with Deadly Little Secret. Each time I would visit the library, I would see it, read the back, bring it home and never read it. This has to be the fourth time I have done this with this book. I guess I never knew what they meant when they would say ".. he touched my stomach in the parking lot" or "he touched my wrist in chemistry." Like, I understood that we was touching her, but I didn't know if it was like lustful for her or it hurt her. I just had no idea.
But after the fourth time I bought Deadly Little Secret home, I read it. And I'm glad I eventually did. The story line kept me guessing and the writing of Camelia's stalker kept me creeped out.

So, Deadly Little Secret starts out with Camelia(and nobody, as far as I can remember, called her Cam. I didn't understand why. It was always "Camelia-don't talk to him" or "Camelia Cameleon." I'll be calling her Cam.)looking back on when she almost got hit by a car, and some mystery man saved her. The mystery man then put his hand on her stomach and then left. While he was touching her, she felt out of breath and her heart raced. So I'm guessing it's a lust thing?

Suprise Suprise, Ben (aka mystery man) goes to her school in the upcoming term. He denies saving her, even though she knows by the scar on his arm. And they become lab partners in chemistry. Ben says he is there to save her, but Cam has trouble trusting him when his stories don't add up. Everybody has a problem with Ben, probably because rumor has it, that he killed his girlfriend the year before. That might put a damper on your reputation.

Also in DLL, Cam has been getting pictures of herself with hearts around it, and really creepy phone calls. Between every four or five chapters, it's a hand-written note by the stalker himself, saying how Cam is "throwing herself out there" and what a "slut" she is. Just by sitting by the front of the school, and talking to Ben. I honestly couldn't see the stalkers' logic there.

Cam has two best friends, Kimmie and Wes. I'll just let you know I hated Kimmie for two reasons: 1) She was always boy obsessed. It's okay, and believe me it's funny, but to a certain extent. I mean, the MC was trying to explain to her best friend how someone was leaving her photos in her mailbox, and all Kimmie could say was "Wow, have you checked out John Keaneally lately?" Like important and serious times in the story, she would do this. And 2) She never gave Ben the benefit of the doubt. She would not hear his side of the story, until it was confirmed by Cam. She would just keep rattling on about how Ben is a killer, and she should never stay with him alone. And when Cam told her that Ben was there to save her, she was so thick-headed about it. Wes, meanwhile, was the funny guy, and I enjoyed his little comments about Kimmie. Oh, and Kimmie shares a name with Kimmie Gilber, from Full House, who I absolutely despised, so that sorta added to it.

If you don't plan on reading the book, read on. If you do, just jump to the next paragraph. Ben has this thing called psychometry, which is a fancy way of saying he can see your past or future by touching you. When Ben touched Cam in the parking lot all that time ago, he sensed she was in danger, so he came to her school. (See, it's all adding up !)Ben is right, because he can sense that the stalker is close, and will do anything to get Cam.

One thing that made DLL different from other YA books, or ones that I read, is the importance of Cam's parents. Usually the parents are left out of books, and the MC has to fend for herself the entire novel. But our MC has a wonderful relationship with her parents, and the only reason she doesn't tell them is because Cam's aunt is in the hospital and her parents are occupied. Ex: They don't even know when she sneaks out of her window to visit Ben.

Overall, Deadly Little Secret is a love story with a twist. It envolves some action, and a mystery which kept me guessing the ending. Next in the series :Deadly Little Lies.

I really needed someones name in the book, so I googled "Deadly Little Secret reviews" and Carla's, from The Crooked Shelf, review popped up. I was skimming it, and it actually opened my eyes that it really resembled Twilight. Yes, that Twilight.
- Male MC saved female MC from car crash
- Male MC has a paranormalness
- The couple who the story is focusing on become lab partners
- Spoiler: The male MC leaves the female MC at the end./

I honestly never even noticed it. Well, the car crash thing seemed kinda fishy, but I let it drift out of my mind.

I'll probably be picking up the sequel in the library next week, but stay tuned for my review of It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini in the upcoming week :)

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